Simply Three Master Class Presented at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts

Simply Three Master Class Presented at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts

October 8, 2015

Friday Musicale Presents Simply Three at DASOTAFriday Musicale presented a master class by Simply Three to high school strings student at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. This was the first educational outreach presentation of the 2015-2016 school year. Director of Strings Mr. Brian Griffin welcomed the students and introduced the program.

Simply Three began the master class by listening to one of the chamber ensembles play the “Trout Quintet in A Major, Op. 114” by Franz Schubert. Violinist Glen McDaniel began by asking the students to tell him what they knew about the composer and the piece. Understanding the composer and Friday Musicale Presents Simply Three Master Class at DASOTAbackground of the piece helps musicians to connect to the piece and express the intended emotion of the composer through the performance. Bassist Nick Villalobos and cellist
Zack Clark discussed communicating with each other and expressing themselves while performing. In an experimental exercise, the artists had the ensemble members, who were sitting closely together facing each other, spread out across the room and put their backs to each other while performing. After bringing the ensemble back to their original seating arrangement and playing the piece a few more times, the student audience and those performing could hear the difference in the performance.

Friday Musicale Presents Simply Three Master Class at DASOTANext, Mr. Griffin set up the chamber orchestra and had them perform Gustav Mahler’s “Adagietto from Symphony No. 5.” Cellist Zack Clark spoke to the students about how this piece was arguably one of the most romantic pieces of music ever written. Artists worked intensely with the students on control and the importance of performing with proper dynamics. It was amazing to hear the difference in how the students performed the piece from the first performance to the end of the master class.


Friday Musicale Concert SeasonFriday Musicale is appreciative of Mr. Brian Griffin, Director of Strings, and the administration at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts for their support of Friday Musicale and cooperation for presenting this master class. Concert Season rack cards were sent home with students for their families to know about the free concerts Friday Musicale is presenting this season.