Claudia L’Engle Adams, Founder of Friday Musicale

“The idea for a musical club originated with Mrs. Claudia L’Engle Adams, wife of Charles E. Adams. Mrs. Adams was a musician of great ability and rare musical feeling, who had fine musicale training at the Peabody Conservatory of Music, Baltimore, Maryland (est. 1868). She was not only a pianist with fine technique and much originality of interpretation, but possessed a fine voice and sang with much dramatic feeling and power.”

—from History of the Ladies’ Friday Musicale    , by Isabelle S. Perry, Secretary (c. 1906)

Claudia, first child of John Claudius L’Engle and Sarah Cornelia Daniel, was born June 22, 1865. She had two brothers and two sisters, one of whom was Miss Mary Evalyn L’Engle (1875-1948). She married Mr. Adams on September 25, 1889. She gathered her musical friends in her home in January 1890 and became the first president. At noon February 10, 1895 she died at her home on East Monroe Street. Her obituary relates that she was a woman of many admirable traits, an earnest church worker, and loved by all who knew her. READ MORE


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