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Jazz Musicale: “Back to School Summer Jazz Camp”

July 23-26, 2020

9th grade & Up: High School, Collegiate, Adults of All Ages

Instrumentalists and Vocalists, Novis to Pro!

A fun and informative 3-day summer jazz camp for instrumentalists and vocalists, 9th grade through adult ages, from basic skill levels to pro. Excellent back-to-school prep for students with band and vocal courses in the fall, for music instructors seeking helpful stylistic tools for teaching jazz, and for adults to advance their skills in performing jazz, from the novice to pro levels.  The camp ends with a Camper / Faculty Showcase Concert the day after camp – Invite all your family and friends!

Camp Faculty: camp attendees will work with four highly regarded pro artists who are seasoned educators known for their comfortable nurturing approach in mentoring and their experience in teaching students of all ages and skill levels at jazz camps and in award winning jazz programs, secondary to collegiate.

The Camp: focus is on useful foundational ‘basics’ in how to interpret jazz stylistically when playing or singing the music in a solo and ensemble setting. Campers also benefit from each other’s broad experiences shared in the camp clinics and group performance in a relaxed atmosphere.

Camp topics include: an overview of historic jazz music and of pioneering music artists, review of practical useful music theory, how to interpret the music in a jazz style, how to improvise in a solo, good intonation, playing in an ensemble, and more.

Vocalists: will also learn about scatting, foundational singing technique, stage presence, song repertoire, stylistic phrasing, mic technique, selecting singing keys, counting off their song, and more.

Camper’s Skill Level

Instrumentalists: basic reading of music and proficient playing of one’s instrument.

Vocalists: good singing quality, reading music is not essential to attend.

Things to Remember

Campers bring: Instrument (excluding piano) , accompanying cases, cables, reeds, stands, drums sticks, etc, music stand.

Daily Lunch: Campers bring bag lunch Thursday & Friday.  Please Note:  Jimmy John’s Sandwich Shop located within easy walking distance from Friday Musicale.  They offer Freaky Fast Service!

Pizza will be provided Saturday for all Campers & Faculty.

Snacks, Coffee & Bottled Water provided each day of camp.

Showcase Concert: Camp attendees will get a chance to perform prepared music with the pro faculty, demonstrating their gained skills to family, friends, the community at large in a FREE CONCERT!  

Concert will be Sunday, July 26th at 3:00pm


Friday Musicale Jazz Camp is sponsored in part by the Warburton Music Products and by the Shirley Pinner Warner Memorial Scholarship. Friday Musicale 3:00pm Showcase  Concert is sponsored in part by a JAZZ2UGrant from Jazz Educators Network and the Herb Albert Foundation.        

The jazz camp and Friday concert are presented at Friday Musicale, 645 Oak Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204.PH: 904-355-7584

Questions?  Please email jeff@fridaymusicale.com

Take your jazz skills to the next level!

• Improvisation
• Jazz History
• Music Theory
• Ensembles
• Jazz Fundamentals

• Master Classes
• Jazz Repertoire
• Performance Prep
• Stylistic Interpretation
• Camp T-Shirt!