Bold City Brass

Founded in 1980, the Bold City Brass is proud to partner with Friday Musicale in Jacksonville, Florida to bring quality music to the greater Jacksonville community and beyond. Membership for the ensemble draws upon musicians from across Northeast Florida and is comprised of professional musicians, retired music teachers, and other fine players. From its inception, the band has always been a volunteer group, performing in concert and often in support of other organizations at a variety of events and official functions. The collective spirit of the band is based on the simple joy of making good music together.

The Bold City Brass is a continuation of one of the oldest historic brass bands in Florida, the 3rd Florida Regimental Band. Over the years, the Bold City Brass has modeled itself after a variety of different types of brass ensemble genres. Early on, the ensemble modeled itself after British Brass Bands; historical brass ensembles and traditional brass quintets and quartets that use historic valved instruments from the Civil War era. British brass bands are typically comprised of up to 20 instruments while their American counterparts were normally smaller, around 12 instruments. Some other changes were that American brass bands used F French horns where British had E-Flat Alto horns. Small differences here and there, but certainly ones that distinguished the flavor of music.

Today, the Bold City Brass plays neither all British nor all American music and they play on contemporary brass instruments used on both continents. Since 2019, our conductor Dr. Eric A. Becher has expanded the repertoire to include music from a variety of genres and periods. The goal of the Bold City Brass focuses on continuing the tradition of remaining a respected brass band which performs great music at a high level while partnering with our community by providing inspiring concerts and music education programs.

Interested musicians should contact Cliff Newton at for more information.

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Bold City Brass Board Members:

Susan Conroy, Laurie Flynn, Ann Carey Holt, Cliff Newton, Roger Peck and Dave Tuttle

Bold City Brass

Dr. Eric A. Becher, Conductor


Cliff Newton

Bill Watson

Ace Martin

Bill Prince

Gene Moniot

Sam Evans

Pat Henry

Paul Kurtz

Sheri Lung

Paul Gagne


Laurie Flynn

Ann Carey Holt

Erin Wagner

Bobbie Lusko

Tyler Freitas


Dave Tuttle

Susan Conroy

Marc Dickman


Will Robinson

Larry Shughart

Derek Kwong

Roger Peck

Skyler Dunn


Hugh Rankin

Jim Williamson

Bill McNeiland

Clement Dutheil


Bill Caine

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