UF Brazilian Music Trio

Friday, October 28, 2016, 11am & 7:30pm (new date, rescheduled from 10/7)
Concerts are free and open to the public.
Doors open 30 minutes in advance of concert.



UF Brazilian Music Trio
Ulisses Rocha, violão/guitar
Welson Tremura, voice, cavaquinho and violão
Larry Crook, pandeiro and a wide variety of Brazilian percussion



From samba and bossa nova to baião and beyond, the UF Brazilian Music Trio specializes in Brazilian musical repertoire sung and played on violão (Brazilian guitar), cavaquinho (Brazilian ukulele) and a wide variety of Brazilian percussion instruments including pandeiro (Brazilian tambourine), ganzá (shaker) and reco-reco (scraper).  The trio comprises University of Florida School of Music faculty members Larry Crook, Ulisses Rocha, and Welson Tremura.  Enjoy these enchanting melodies, rich harmonies, and exciting rhythms that reflect Brazil’s diverse musical culture. 

Musical selections for these performances will be announced from the stage.



University of Florida Brazilian Music Trio

UF Brazilian Music Trio features UF School of Music faculty artists Larry Crook (percussion), Ulisses Rocha (guitar), and Welson Tremura (guitar and voice) performing Brazilian music with enchanting melodies, rich harmonies, and exciting rhythms. From samba and bossa nova to baião and beyond, the trio specializes in Brazilian repertoire  sung and played on violão (Brazilian guitar), cavaquinho (Brazilian ukulele) a wide variety of Brazilian percussion instruments (pandeiro, ganzá, reco-reco, caxixi, and more).

Larry Crook is Professor of Music at the University of Florida where he teaches courses on music of Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa. A percussionist, Dr. Crook began performing professionally while in high school in Houston, Texas and then studied orchestral percussion with George Frock at the University of Texas at Austin. In Austin he began specializing in drum set and hand percussion (especially Brazilian, Latin American, and African styles) where he performed in numerous groups including Takiy Orqo, Clearlight Waites, Electromagnets, Nova, and the Samba Police. He performs on a wide variety of Brazilian percussion instruments including pandeiro, cuíca, cajón, reco-reco, atabaque, congas, and berimbau. He has studied with and performed alongside many outstanding Latin American and African musicians including Godwin Agbeli, Abou Sylla, Augustin Frisner, Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro, Oscar Bolão, Jorge Martins, João do Pífano, and Hamza El Din. At the University of Florida Dr. Crook is founder and co-director of the Jacaré Brazil music ensemble and area head for Musicology/Ethnomusicology. His research focuses on Brazilian music, the African Diaspora, and international popular music. His book publications include Brazilian Music: Northeastern Traditions and the Heartbeat of a Modern Nation (2nd edition 2009, Routledge) and Black Brazil: Culture, Identity, and Social Mobilization (1999, UCLA). Dr. Crook is also active in planning, organizing, and producing performance-based projects featuring residencies with renowned musicians and performing artists from throughout the world. Dr. Crook invents, designs, and builds many of the percussion instruments that he plays.

Ulisses Rocha was born in Rio de Janeiro (1960) is considered one of his country’s finest guitarist/composers. He has performed and recorded both solo and in the musical company of some of Brazil’s best known artists including Gal Costa, Cesar Camargo Mariano, and Hermeto Pascoal. He has also shared the stage with Egberto Gismonti, Al Di Meola, Eliane Elias, Marco Pereira, and Paulo Belinatti. Mr. Rocha began playing and studying classical guitar at a young age but also took up electric guitar and began to explore rock and roll music. At the same time the ever-present influence of Brazilian music with its abundance of great guitarist-composers influenced his musical development. All of these elements have combined to make Ulisses adept in a variety of musical styles while also developing his own unique guitar style. In the early 1980s he united with fellow guitarists André Geraissati and Mozart Mello to form the Group D’Alma, a musically eclectic trio that influenced the formation of the enormously successful trio of John McLaughlin, Paco de Lucia, and Al di Meola. In 1985, he recorded Alguma coisa a ver com o Silêncio (Something to do with Silence) under the Visom label. To date, Ulisses has released eleven CDs and participated on numerous recording projects with other artists. He has performed as a soloist with many Brazilian orchestras and at international festivals in the throughout the world. Ulisses Rocha has been a professor at the Unicamp Faculty of Music since 1990 and is currently a visiting professor of guitar in the School of Music at the University of Florida and the 2012-2013 Bacardi Eminent Scholar through the Center for Latin American Studies.  For more information on Ulisses Rocha, visit www.ulissesrocha.com.

Welson Tremura is a native of Brazil and Ph.D. in musicology-ethnomusicology from Florida State University. He bagan singing and playing guitar at the age of 13 and throughout the following years traveled throughout Brazil playing both solo and ensemble concerts at music festivals, including performances for two of Brazil’s former presidents. An acclaimed singer-guitarist, Dr. Tremura maintains an active performance schedule and has been involved in concerts and interdisciplinary projects in Brazil, the United States, Europe, and New Zealand. As an associate professor in the School of Music and the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Florida, Dr. Tremura is an educator who is well versed in Brazilian Jazz, classical and vocal music, as wells as traditional European classical forms. He is also co-director UF’s Jacaré Brazil and World Music Ensembles. He has released two albums and participated in several recordings and festivals with renowned musical artists in Brazil, the United States, and Europe. These include the International Double Reed Convention (Rotterdam, Holland), Festival de Inverno (Campos do Jordão, Brazil), and the Nashville Opry Theatre Christmas Concert with Barbara Mandrell.  More recently he has performed with the Ahn Trio, the California Guitar Trio, and as a member of the Alachua Guitar Quartet. His most recent academic publication is Brazilian Folia de Reis: With an Open Heart: A Spiritual Journey Through Song.