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December 2, 2014
Dear members and friends,

Friday Musicale is starting an expanded drive to increase our membership and funding.    Our goal for this fiscal year is to obtain at least 200 members and fifteen thousand dollars in funding. The expansion is needed to increase the community’s awareness of our musical programs, fund these programs for the quality you expect of them, and obtain a larger base of volunteers for a host of supporting managerial and administrative needs.

Volunteering:    A non-profit organization requires much effort by supporters and members to staff all programs to their best effectiveness and appreciation by the community.   Here are some of such volunteer opportunities awaiting your consideration and participation:

a) Join a committee and get engaged in building Friday Musicale's organizational capacity

b) Provide volunteer support in our membership and administrative areas.

c) Form a volunteer group to separately obtain funds or create funding events.

d) Bring a new prospective member on-board.

Funding:   Of course, I don’t want to miss this opportunity to mention again our need for funds to continue and improve our musical and educational programs.

Please donate so that we may artistically and logistically improve our capabilities. For example, among other asset investments we need to make the stage doors double so the pianos can exit when needed, replace the old air-conditioning units, and make L’Engle Hall more conducive for renting.  In the artistic and rental program area we need to increase our marketing, obtain national level performing talent, and provide a summer youth musical camp.

If you want to express your interest in any of the above volunteer areas and obtain further details, or donate much needed funds, please contact our Executive Director, Ms. Mandie McKenzie, via e-mail at: or by calling (904) 355-7584. You may also visit our website via

Please help and thank you,

Harry Gruber & Pam Franklin
Board Director & Board President